Values and their importance when setting your goals.

The term “value” is simply a label for what is important to you as a human being. We are all unique and our values are entrenched within us from the day we are born. Your upbringing will help shape your values, but your values are mostly unique to you. Your beliefs are assumptions that you have made about the world. These beliefs will either help you achieve your goals, or it might be a hindrance to help you achieve these goals.  The sad truth is that many do not ever reach their goals.

When you set the goals that you want to achieve, they need to be somewhat aligned to both your values and beliefs. Aligning your goals to your values will help you realise what is important to you. Your goals should be about what makes you happy and what do you want to achieve.   

The best goals are set in phases.  

Have you ever read an article that said something like “reach your goals in 10 steps?” Or “15 steps to reach your goals”. This is not one of those articles. Your Goal setting can be loads of fun. Seriously. Most people think that it is a serious matter and should be approached in a serious light. Now let us switch off that light. Have fun working on your goals.  The reality is we challenge ourselves only when we start with the fun things in our lives. You can start with writing down the most unattainable goals first.. The most important thing to do is just to start the process. One by one you will eliminate the goals as you go along, but you will also remember the fun you had doing it.

Conflicting goals and values.  

If you set goals that are not aligned with your values, you will frequently be conflicted. This would mean that the things that you value most will take preference and your goal that is contradictory to your values will take a step back or will not be achieved at all. This could lead to you feeling like a failure and discourage you from setting future goas. It can also be said that achieving that goal, will not feel as great as achieving a goal that is linked to your own values are.  

Goals are part of something bigger.  

Sometimes we also need to know, that not all goals come to an end when we achieve them. That is the best part. You can have many small goals to achieve a much larger goal.  Goals form part of the bigger picture and often, goals are just smaller parts of our bigger goals. This places a bigger emphasis on why it is important to go through the process of discovering your values and determine your goals. Your dreams and aspirations are often the core fundamentals of your goals. To make them real to you, consider drawing a picture, like when you were little. It does not have to be an artist drawing, but it will help you make a deeper found connection with yourself, allowing you to simply be you.

What is your motivation?  

To achieve anything in life, you need to have some form of motivation. That motivation can come from inside you, or from external factors. The things you are more likely to succeed in are the things where we are motivated from within. The drivers that get us motivated from within are the things that are important to us, also known as our values.  

Your values and beliefs are at the core of who you are. By delving into and bringing your values and beliefs from something in your unconscious to being mindful about it, will help you will all your future decisions you need to make, including setting your goals.

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